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The King’s Cross olive grove…

… and cherry trees, and rowan trees, and ginko trees and bay trees, and… Founder member and Trustee of King’s Cross Community Projects, John Ashwell, appeared in this week’s Camden New Journal/Islington Tribune interviewed about the successful greening fundraising campaign he’s headed for the past ten years.

Many thanks to all who have donated to John’s work. Lately, John’s focussed on using the great community website King’s Cross Environment as a fundraising tool. Without his efforts the vast majority of trees that can now be seen from Pentonville Road up to the Canal, including those on York Way and all its side streets, would just not exist.

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  1. Cantelowes Gardens Friends Group says:

    Treemendous to hear such wonderful news and all your projects happening right now in Islington.
    You clearly have a very strong community who are extremely energised by all the things happening right now in Kings Cross.
    In many ways you are always step ahead of things, while over here in Camden, we are constantly playing catch up.
    Well done… !

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