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Stunning planting for Wharfdale Rd sculpture garden

Marie Clarke, locally based landscape designer, has produced a fantastic planting design for the sculptural hanging garden (aka greenwall, living sculpture etc etc etc!). Her brief was a very difficult one – she had to produce something that enhances the sculpture in which it would live (below), be ornamentally stunning in both full shade and full sun (the wall faces west), require very little maintenance and yet very wildlife friendly and drought resistant.

Her design ticks all our boxes and more and is the last piece in our design jigsaw. The next few months are going to be very exciting indeed. We’ve applied for planning permission (which we need to do because of the massive scale we’re working with) and are now waiting with baited breath to see how that goes. If and when we get planning approval, it will be full steam ahead to make, install and plant up the sculpture.