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Report launched to celebrate opening of Granary Square

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A unique report into how the community might directly benefit from developments in King’s Cross will be launched today as a gift to developers Argent. The launch is carefully timed to coincide with the VIP opening of Granary Square at N1C. Argent faces hefty criticism being a private developer of new public spaces, this new report aims to point Argent towards including rather than excluding the local community from the benefits it brings.

The result of six months’ research by King’s Cross Community Projects culminating in an open space conference held in April, “KXCommunity, it’s all about you” (click here to download) takes an imaginative and exploratory approach which participants hope will spark a new enthusiasm and positive partnerships between private companies and the local voluntary sector.

Manager of King’s Cross Community Projects, Sophie Talbot said,

“We are very excited indeed at the opening of the beautiful brand new Granary Square. We are sure it will become a wonderful focus point for the entire neighbourhood. We’d love it if this turned out to be a real turning point in how community groups can work with our corporate neighbours to make social responsibility in King’s Cross the benchmark for others to follow… Let’s show everyone that we do CSR better here than anywhere.”

Also being gifted the report are Google UK, Eurostar, High Speed 1, Network Rail, Guardian News Media, and BNP Paribas – all companies currently or soon to be based in the immediate area. Local councils (Camden and Islington), Transport for London and the two councils for voluntary action are being invited to participate in the report’s 30 recommendationsfor five priority themes:

  • Closer collaboration between KX communities
  • Lack of youth opportunities and involvement
  • Living high streets, urban realm and active area management
  • Small workspace/social enterprise
  • A plan for inclusivity and involvement

Community groups in King’s Cross want the report’s recommendations to be used to help inclusively celebrate and share the renaissance the area is experiencing because of the huge investments being made by private companies, particularly Argent. King’s Cross Community Projects defines its area as a half mile around the perimeter of the station. This runs from the edge of Maiden Lane Estate to Russell Square tube station and from Somers Town to Chapel Market. The charity has created a Google Map of the area in which it estimates there to be at least 44 community-based organisations working to help and support the most disadvantaged local people in King’s Cross.

Download the full report

Download the summary of recommendations



Sophie Talbot. Manager, King’s Cross Community Projects


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