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Living sculpture/greenwall

Isn’t this ugly expanse of wall just crying out for lush, green plants? With a bit of imagination and enthusiasm our local community could transform it into a beautiful vertical urban green space.

Wouldn’t it be great to plant our vertical garden in a fantastic sculptural planter reflecting the rich history of our area.And why shouldn’t it be fun too? Let’s involve our kids in designing and building an exciting vertical garden using subtle lighting, scent and the changing seasons.

And in all this, let’s create new homes for our urban wildlife – blackbirds, starlings, sparrows, robins, green and gold finches, bats and bugs could move in and live rent free.

Forming the northern end of the King’s Cross gyratory system, Wharfdale Road London N1 is home to this wall space, ideally placed for a vertical garden combined with an exciting new art installation.

Let’s make this wall green!

Thankyou so much to all our supporters including landowners Places for People, wall owner Complete Offices,  The Driver (local pub home to a fantastic Patrick Blanc greenwall),  LB IslingtonConisbee Structural EngineersMarie Clarke Associates and  E C Harris HQ.


And very many thanks to our artist, Neil Ayling. Neil is designing a fantastic structure for the Wharfdale Road greenwall.

Take a look at the Prospectus

Take a look at the S106 application

Did you know

There is no public art anywhere in King’s Cross

1,052 people live in the immediate area of Wharfdale Road

An average of 1,305 vehicles use Wharfdale Road every day – over 900 cars and over 400 heavy vehicles

Do you live near here? Do you work locally? Perhaps you travel past this wall every day… Maybe you are a regular at the club opposite… If you are interested in being involved in this exciting project as a sleeping supporter, an active volunteer or a financial sponsor send us an email.

“With careful and appropriate use, a green wall can be very easy to set up by using a clinging/ climbing species such as ivy, Boston ivy and ivy-leaved toadflax. Climbing plants can protect the wall from the elements and can extend its life. Vegetation on walls will provide extra insulation in the winter and help keep cool in the summer. Green walls also look very attractive and can help filter out smog.” LB Islington Greener House & Garden