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Green sculpture

We are in the final stages of building a green sculpture in the heart of King’s Cross. We started actively working on the project in 2007. So far it has included:

  • Keeping the land and wall owners regularly updated with project progress after having gained their permission to run the project
  • Developing a project team giving their time and expertise either for free or on a very low cost bases
  • Commissioning a locally based artist
  • Publicising the work throughout to ensure transparency and encourage donations and in-kind support
  • Running a variety of consultation events to ensure the design is suitable for all
  • Putting a successful planning application to the council which included statutory consultation with stakeholders
  • Fundraising to cover all costs not met by in-kind donations

We’ve also uploaded slideshows with pictures of the sculpture currently being built at the workshop in Dagenham and lots more! Click here.