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Fixure and fittings – wow!

We have finalised all the fixtures and fittings to be attched to our wonderful sculpture that will soon be home to a stunning hanging garden on the KX gyratory system. This week we’ll be visiting the workshop where the sculpture is being built as we speak! Photos will follow…

These last few months prior to installation have been very touch and go. There’s a great deal to fit into a short amount of time, but we are getting there. We’ve had to delay again very slightly – it is an ambitious project with various unknowns to be negotiated between now and completion. It’s looking like we’ll get the sculpture up before Christmas using a fabulous specialist crane. We’ll then leave planting until the new year. If that changes again we’ll let you know!

Don’t forget there’s still time to donate towards the project and get your name on the accompanying protective bollard that will stand in front of the sculpture! The bollard is also designed by artist Neil Ayling and will be a little piece of art in its own right. All donations welcome, just click the donate button on the right of this site.